Faculty council

Faculty Council Members

According to Law No. 66 dated 04/03/2009, which can be found at http://legiliban.ul.edu.lb/LawView.aspx?opt=view&LawID=246322, the Faculty Council, tasked with representing and providing guidance to the entire faculty, consists of diverse members.

It includes:

  1. The Dean as the Chairman
  2. Heads of academic departments: Basic and clinical departments
  3. A representative of the educational body
  4. The head of the research center, if applicable
  5. A non-voting representative of the faculty's professors in the University Council
  6. Two student representatives selected from the different delegates of the 2nd through 7th year as per the University Council's mechanism: students who used to participate through their representatives stopped doing so since a decision taken during the civil war. A new decision might be taken by the president to bring back students’ representation in councils.

# Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Voting Members
1 Mohamad Moussa Dean mohamadamoussa@hotmail.com 00961 71 964 412
2 Mohamad Moussa Surgery mohamadamoussa@hotmail.com 00961 71 964 412
3 Majdi Hamadeh Internal Medicine dr.majdihamadeh@hotmail.com 00961 71 409 020
4 Maroun Ghabash Anaesthesia and Intensive Care maroun_ghabash@yahoo.com 00961 3 451 882
5 Claude Sader Ghorra Histopathology claudeghorra@gmail.com 00961 3 616 478
6 Georges Rouhana Radiology rouhana_georges@yahoo.fr 00961 3 278 037
7 Jihad Al-Hassan Obstetric Gynecology jihadalhassan@hotmail.com 00961 3 761 508
8 Saada Alamah Paediatrics saada.alame@ul.edu.lb 00961 76 460 002
9 Mirna Chahine Basic Science Department mirnachahine01@gmail.com 00961 76 053 292
10 Andre Megarbane Research andre.megarbane@yahoo.fr 00961 3 641 493
11 Julien Sfeir A representative of the educational body sfeir_julien@yahoo.fr 00961 3 807 670
Non-voting Members
12 Fadi Abou Mrad Representative of the faculty's professors in the University Council fadiaboumrad@gmail.com 00961 3 392 600

Faculty Council Sessions

The council convenes at least once every two weeks, upon the Dean’s invitation or a written request from one-third of the members, or as requested by the University Council or its president. Council sessions are legal if at least two-thirds of the members present in the first call, or an absolute majority in the second call. Decisions are made by an absolute majority. In the event of a tie, the Dean’s vote finalizes the decision. The Secretary General of the school is responsible for recording the minutes, signed by the dean and members.

Applicants have various options to obtain decision notifications:

  1. They can check the decision status by reaching out to the Secretary General through phone calls or in-person visits.
  2. Upon request, decision updates can be communicated via email.
  3. Applicants have the option to appoint a representative for communication purposes.
  4. Applicants maintain the right to obtain a copy of the Faculty Council decision section relevant to their request.

Faculty Council Role

The Faculty Council plays a vital role in decision-making processes concerning academic programs, faculty appointments, and other faculty-related matters. Its responsibilities encompass various aspects such as formulating the faculty's strategic plan, proposing curricula changes and research contracts, nominating staff for appointments and promotions, and recommending outstanding students for specialization scholarships. The council also discusses the results of exams, proposes projects and affiliations, and suggests grants and donations. Additionally, it has the authority to review decisions made by the Dean and department heads, ensuring compliance with approved laws and regulations.

Faculty Council Annual Report

The council's annual report, prepared by the Dean, is presented to the University President in February each year.