Student Working Groups

Official document about the Formation of a “Student Working Group” at LU-FMS

The "Student Working Group" within the Faculty of Medical Sciences comprises delegates or student representatives chosen from among students associated with the Heartbeat club ( based on their active, dynamic, and well-known presence within the student body. These individuals constitute the core members of the Student Working Group. Additional representatives of students who have actively engaged in productive activities at the faculty, such as LEMSIC members ( and MEDICA member groups (, may also be included in this group.

The Student Working Group is expected to actively participate in the decision-making and organizational processes of the faculty. The faculty is dedicated to involving them in all committee meetings and scheduling regular bi-weekly meetings with the dean to receive their input and keep them informed about faculty updates.


The Student Working Group operates as an independent entity and will engage collaboratively with all faculty committees within the Faculty of Medical Sciences. It comprises a diverse group of students, representing different medical academic years and programs within the faculty.


Members of the Student Working Group are typically students currently enrolled in the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The composition includes undergraduate, and graduate students, offering a broad perspective on student concerns and needs. The exact number of members can vary but is often kept manageable to facilitate effective communication and decision-making.

The establishment of this group took place during the academic year 2022-2023, with its initial involvement in the accreditation steering committee. During this phase, students actively contributed to tasks such as data collection, organization, and the preparation of necessary materials for accreditation. Starting from the academic year 2023-2024, the group's structure was formalized according to the chart provided.

The selection of delegates is conducted through a structured process that involves mutual consent and agreement of the students. Subsequently, it becomes the responsibility of outgoing delegates from the previous year to arrange a meeting with the dean at the beginning of each academic year. This meeting serves to introduce the new members and provide all the requisite contact information, as outlined in Annex No. 1.

Following the identification of the core members, the Student Working Group is required to issue an announcement on both the LU-FMS website and their own platform, inviting students who actively participate in faculty activities to express their interest in becoming part of this group. The ultimate determination regarding the number and selection of additional members will be made by the dean, who will meet with these prospective members and conduct interviews to gauge their enthusiasm and readiness to shoulder the responsibilities associated with this group.

Roles and Responsibilities:

- Address student concerns and conflicts, working toward amicable solutions and a positive environment.
Responsibilities Description
Student Advocacy- Advocate for student interests, concerns, and needs within faculty committees and administration.
Communication- Serve as a communication channel between students and faculty decision-making bodies.
Feedback Collection- Gather, summarize, and present student feedback to committees on academic programs, facilities as well as on non-academic needs.
- Work in close with the Faculty Counselling Committee.
Representing Student Interests- Participate in committee meetings, providing a student perspective on curriculum, policies, etc.
Initiating Projects- Propose and undertake projects to enhance the student experience and academic quality.
Outreach: Participation and Engagement- Encourage student participation in faculty events, surveys, and decision-making processes.
- Personally engage in available workshops and training programs to enhance knowledge and skills.
Conflict Resolution
Promoting Student Welfare- Ensure academic and non-academic student needs are met, collaborating with faculty to enhance well-being.
Visibility on Students' Activities- Have awareness of all students' activities and involvement within the faculty.
Understanding Organizational Chart- Understand the faculty's organizational structure and roles of staff and faculty members.
Alignment with Mission- Consider the faculty's mission and objectives in all activities and decision-making processes.

Annex no.1:

Members of the “Student Working Group” for the academic year 2023-2024:

# Full Name Medical Education Year Phone Number Email Address
1 Daniella Andre Diab MD 3 81206182
2 Ralph Robert Maroun MD 5 79118170
3 Mohammad Faour MD 4 81613787
4 Taher Hassan Jaber MD 4 76093842
5 Hussein al Mawla MD 2 03821936
6 Ali Kassem Ramadan MD 4 76833008
7 Ahmad Dalla MD 5 03148904
8 Ali ghassan Dbouk MD 3 76068054
9 Mohammad Orabi MD 2 76860266
10 Abbas Mhaidly MD 6 76707283
11 Mohamad El Zein MD 7 70028447
12 Hussein Tarhini R1 71659412
13 Hussein Hamdar R2 Orthopedics 03051109


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